Monday, June 16, 2008

Port A

Where we stayed! This was such a beautiful house.
Our walk down to the beach. It was a very beautiful day out.
We had to take a break! LOL
Cederic was happy to be out and about! We forgot to take him to N.M. with us a couple of weeks ago. We love our traveling Gnome! :-)
Gigi & I having a good time!

We had a wonderful time in Port Aransas. I never realized this beach community is just a short drive from Corpus. We went out at 11:00am and stayed out there until 8:00pm. The weather was awesome. It was hot out but we had such an amazing breeze coming in that it was so very relaxing. We played on the Boogie Boards, Looked for seashells, played in the sand and simply relaxed.

The only down side to the trip is we came back minus 2 pairs of sunglasses and without my cell phone. Other than that, it was a wonderful trip and I can't wait to make it a part of my regular travels. It sure beats going to Galveston. I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend as well. I am also so happy my P.I.C. Gina was able to take the day off and go with me. Thanks girl. You are the best.


Stephanie said...

I so need a vacation but can't go anywhere until Karys is done with swim lessons next month. I'm super jealous!! Glad you girlies had a good time!

Kendra said...

Nice beach house.
Looks like you had a wonderful vaca.

Jennifer said...

looks like you had a great time. i'm so jealous. next month i'll be down in houston. i cant wait!

i'll be staying with my dad who lives on the outskirts of jerey village and my sister who lives in humble.

take care

Amanda said...

Isn't port a the best? We also had a blast. I can't believe we were there at almost exactly the same time!
So glad y'all had a wonderful trip!