Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend Update! 1 Baby Shower & 3 Birthday Parties

I sure hope she doesn't mind me posting her belly pictures.
What a BUSY weekend Lalo had. Friday after work I hosted a baby shower for Danielle. We had a great time. It was my first shower and I am honored that she asked me to do it. Also glad I didn't screw everything up. I came close. She knows how much Lalo procrastinates and how unorganized I am. First thing that went haywire for me was the Invitations!! Stephanie suggested we ask people to bring a card or something with ADVICE for the mother to be. Well how excited was I when I found Invitations with such cards for guests to bring. Little did I realize that the pack only had 12 Invites. We had 13 guests (not including myself and the m.t.b.). So I went to 6 (yes SIX) different Target locations in search of another pack, I sent Gina to 1 by her house and they were no where to be found. Lesson learned: By MORE than you need. Next, I found some SO UGLY they are CUTE Stork pens (in blue) at Party City, so I bought all that they had. I asked the cashier if they had any other pens-perhaps in the back-she said "No, all we have is what you see back there". I thought to myself, AMAZING that she knows the stores inventory without even looking anything up in the computer. She must be making big bucks to be able to maintain all their inventory in her head. So I asked if she'd call the store in Sugar Land for me. It is a good 25 minute drive from the Pearland store I was at. So she called and spoke with someone, asked if they had more BLUE pens.......we waited as it seemed someone sent an associate to see....waited some more.....then she says "Great I have a lady who is needing 6 more and she is on her way". I was so delighted but knew the store was about to close so I rushed out and drove to the other location. When I arrived I got back to the aisle and guess what. NO PENS, not one!?! So I ask the lady about it and she informs me that their manager does NOT allow them to confirm merchandise over the phone and they don't have any. WTF!!! So I bought a few other items and was on my way. The next day I go to the Party City off Kirby and 59 thinking surely they will have some. Think again, they had no blue ones. Is everyone having a Baby Boy this year? So I made an executive decision and just went with 6 pink ones. We have a lot of girly girls and I figured we'd make it work. I think it did. They seemed to be a pretty big hit. Gina was kind enough to slap on some "IT'S A BOY" stickers to their tags. We played a couple shower games, even though Nellie was against the idea and let me tell you-Stephanie and CK are two tough competitors. For a moment I thought they were going to just go at it to prove who was closer to the Baby's MAMA! ha ha. It was funny. I struggled to think of a tie breaking question but those two "KNOW THEIR NELLIE".

Thank goodness Stephanie offered to pick out a cake. I had my M.I.L. make some cupcakes and they actually matched the cake Stephanie picked out so I was very pleased. Nellie later sent me a text that read "Cupcakes Rock". I am so glad she enjoyed them. The kids grandma is a pretty good baker. I think Yolanda's kids ate mine. I got home and took the couple I had in the car and placed them on the trunk. She called me over to talk so I left them there. When I came back to my car a few minutes later they were no where to be found? The only trace of them was the silver cc liners that magically landed in the yard. Those little *beeps* lol I guess I didn't need to eat them anyway. RIGHT! I had a lot of fun putting it all together. I only hope my Guest of Honor was just as honored.

The Lovely Parents to Be~How can their baby not be beautiful?
The Secret Storks!

For many months now Stephanie, Kristin and I have been leaving Secret Stork gifts for Baby Watson and Nellie was sure it was ME. She was correct but had no idea her other friends were in on it too. So we decided to come out of the Stork Closet at her shower. The look on her face was priceless. I think Gina has video of her opening up her SS scrapbook that leaked our little SS Team. What fun.

Saturday the kids and I went to a birthday party for Nick who turned 13. The kids played on a ginormous moon walk and had a lot of fun.

That evening I attended a birthday party for my friend Jason. We had yummy shrimp tacos, Spanish Rice and homemade salsa. Heather is such a cute little cook. We had an open bar and enjoyed some cocktails and conversation. We decided to play Trivia Pursuit Pop Culture on DVD so Gina and I teamed up. We were the gnome (naturally) and we kicked butt. In my opinion we won. We had all of our pie pieces but due to the time we decided to do a SUDDEN DEATH question for the win and I believe Jennifer took the game. I wasn't happy with the sudden death thing but Heather was sleeping on the couch, the Russian girl was also sleeping on the sofa chair so I agreed for the sake of their backs and necks. But why go through the trouble of winning all your pie pieces and going to a quick draw for the win? Next time we will start the game earlier so the real winners can take the PIE! All in all we had fun. I rocked the Sports & Games category and Gina was kick butt on the Music and TV categories. I just don't watch enough TV and I never know who sang what song or what award they won for it!?!

Sunday we went to my most UN favorite place, yep the picture gives it away, Chuck E Cheese's where a kid can be a kid. I say it where a Kid can be a MONSTER. I mean really people, monitor your children while they are at play. I was ran over by two children. Lucky for me the Boy and the Girl are very well behaved and have manners and respect for others so they play nicely. Other kids and/or adults NOT so much. So to keep myself from going crazy I sat at my own little table and played Sudoku.

I have actually gotten pretty good at this. Sometimes I am playing and I don't realize that I have finished the puzzle until it is finished. A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Only problem is once you start playing it can be hard to stop. I kept going and going until my eyes were crossing and the party was over!
Well Stephanie is in Chicago so no camera cord for me today but Nellie will be bringing hers in tomorrow so I will have some pictures to post of all the madness. Overall my weekend was very busy and very fun. I am thankful that I have so many friends that keep me busy. This weekend will be a quiet one because I am having my Wisdom teeth pulled on Wednesday. All FIVE of them. Yep, I have super Wisdom. All four 3rd Molars will come out and I was lucky enough to have a 4th Molar that needs to be taken out too. Lucky lucky me.


Amanda said...

Good luck with the wisdom teeth. I'll miss you! Glad you had such a fun weekend! :)