Thursday, March 27, 2008


  1. Finish all the D.O.'s Nellie left for me to do!!!!
  2. Send pictures to Walgreens for pick up this afternoon
  3. Drive to Sugar Land to pick up Sweet Treats *Homemade Goodness* for a special get together
  4. Complete project that I have been working on for months (along with two other great ladies)
  5. Work Out-Yay me!!
  6. Wash Car-Yes again-I love having a black car
  7. Go to Babies R Us & Party City (again)
  8. Make reservations
  9. Baby Shower for little BTW
  10. Heather "Choppinator's" Dinner Party for Jason Friday evening
  11. Christian's Dinner Party Sunday
  12. Sign Offer Letter (hopefully) *No Rae, Nothing is happening in Denver* BLAH
  13. Buy soft foods and pick up prescriptions to prepare for my surgery next week


Stephanie said...

Yay for #9 - I have everything ready to go here. Actually have it with me if you want to come take a sneak peak ;)

And what surgery are you speaking of??

Nellie said...

Look at how many are for me! See, what am I going to do without you??
I guess I'll have to put you on my payroll, haha!

Rae said...

What surgery???