Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Weekend Pictures *Finally*

Darren working his pencil while @ the park Easter Sunday.....How I love playing board games with them, especially out in the beautiful outdoors.
Lauren is trying to think of a creative answer. She did pretty good.

At Herman Park last weekend. This was the most comfortable rock ever. We decided not to do the paddle boats this trip. Maybe next time we go. They are pretty fun.

Playing in the trees. She actually got stuck way up there. She is such a dare devil. I guess Christian dared her to climb higher (Mommy was relaxing on the comfortable rock) and she took that dare. I had to grab her foot and hope that I had the ability to assist her on the way down. We didn't have any broken bones or scratches. Darren thinks she is wild, where he is standing is the highest he will attempt. He is much more conservative when it comes to heights. Not my little Monkey.

Darren told me about the Japanese Garden so we decided to walk through and enjoy the beauty and sun. If you haven't noticed I am very outdoorsy. Love to be outside especially this time of the year. I guess I am lucky that they love to be outdoors with me.


Amanda said...

Cute pics! I love being outside in this weather, too. The kids are getting so big!!!