Thursday, March 6, 2008

THIRTEEN THURSDAY-Things To Do This Weekend

  1. Find my Birth Certificate to get Passport
  2. Book my flight to New Mexico
  3. Go to see John Legend with Gigi
  4. Locate my Divorce Decree
  5. Drink Beer from my Pueblo BREWTUS glass
  6. Clean my car
  7. Go visit CK's Baby and Hang out with My First Family
  8. Not spend my Bonus money
  9. Shop for Baby Shower
  10. Find a new Pizza Delivery Guy
  11. Take some Ambien
  12. Find my camera cord so I can post new pictures!!!


Stephanie said...

Oh LL you crack me up!! Have fun with the little one - super cute!! :)

Amanda said...

Well, you really do need to clean that car.....I can testify ;-) And I plan on spending just a tad of my bonus $$$. Yay!