Tuesday, March 11, 2008

P-Town Fun

Here are a few more pictures from my trip home to Colorado. Below is the view I had at the airport in Colorado Springs. Oh how I miss this view. It was an unusual cloudy day when we left. The whole week that I was home it was nothing but clear sunny skies. Warm for the most part which was a bit shocking since it was mid February. Wouldn't you know it, the next day my sister had told me that it was snowing. You see some pictures from our day hiking around the nature center and we actually played tennis the evening before my departure. Crazy Colorado!
Below is the man who introduced me to the famous "BREWTUS". The story behind this is.....We decided to go out to eat. My sister had recommended Carl's Jr., Rick and I were thinking to ourselves, WHY Carl's? We can't have a cold one there. It had been a long week and we were convinced that we had earned a nice cold beer, so Applebee's is right next door. In Pueblo style- we didn't want to drive too far and risk a travel time of over 7 minutes. So Applebee's it was. Our server came to our table to take our drink order. I am thinking, I'll order a bud light draft. Well, Rick and Rae order before me and both order a BUDLIGHT BREWTUS. So I ask, what the heck is a Brewtus? They reply "the really big beer". Intrigued, I told the server, I'll take a Brewtus too. The name itself amused me. So here comes our Brewtus beers and much to my delight and disappointment it looked much like a draft beer in a pilsner glass. I was thinking with a name like BREWTUS, certainly it had to be bigger and better. I guess it is a Pueblo thing. I told Rae in Texas we just call it a "tall". LOL We just laughed and drank our beer. To make fun of this a little, I soon began to replace my favorite word "AWESOME" with the word "BREWTUS" just to make a point (of some sort). This caught on quickly with my sister and her boyfriend. I guess it is just a silly Pueblo thing. So below is Rick showing off his Brewtus power.
I actually loved this so much I bought 4 glasses for myself. A little bit of Pueblo back to Houston.

RaeAnne playing some pool @ Prime Time.
Beer Tennis (PONG) anyone? I know horrible picture but you had to know we bought head bands, wrist bands and the outfit for the occasion
RaeAnne is ready for her serve. Just need to find a tennis court in February. This seemed to be impossible. We drove to 2 High Schools and the City Park and nobody had lighting for us to play some tennis. So we made due with the City Zoo parking lot. We also discovered that next to the Pueblo Zoo was a shooting/firing range. These patrons disrupted our game a few times. The real concern to me is why is there a gun range next to the children's playground and the zoo? Hmmm?
Spending some time with my sis and Rick before I came back home.
See Applebee's loves Steamboat too. I have mastered the WHY NOT trail.
I am so easily amused. I was just so excited that the restaurant was representin Ski Town USA I also loved all the Denver Bronco memorabilia on the wall


Stephanie said...

I still can't get over the fact you had tennis gear for beer pong! Hahahahahaha!

lovelylalo said...

We wore tennis gear because we played "beer tennis", I guess it is"Beer Pong's" cousin game. It was fun.