Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Thirteen! Things That Have Gone Wrong Today Or Just Strange

  1. It started with me waking up a FEW minutes late today.
  2. I took my shower, and my shampoo and conditioner are missing? (Lauren took it to her bathroom)

  3. I only had Shampoo, no Conditioner, so that makes for a bad hair day.

  4. My razor needs to be thrown out...SO BAD, I mean really bad. OUCH!

  5. The kids get a ride to school today and leave without saying goodbye, no hug or kiss..wth?

  6. They rushed out the door and forgot their lunch money! Ugh.

  7. I can't find half of my I wore some jeans that after today, will go in the trash as soon as I get home. I don't even know why I own skinny jeans in my size...or why they sell them. Women with big hips should not have tapered jeans. Enough said.

  8. My sweater is all stretched out, but I wanted to be comfortable-not frumpy.

  9. I sat in traffic all morning, left the house 20 minutes early to get to work 10 minutes late!

  10. I went to pick up my friend from the hospital today and my ride back to work lost us on the way to her apartment.

  11. I get back to the office late afternoon, I still hadn't eaten and decided to walk over to a pizza place to grab a quick slice and they are closed.. =(

  12. I got back to work and realized that "someone" (me-duh) needs to fill my friend's prescription, she just had surgery and needs her meds and can't drive. So now I need to leave work..and go take care of this for her..the poor thing.

  13. The finance company for my car keeps calling and I have no idea why. They have no reason to call me??

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!


Nellie said...

They have no reason to call you? Tell that to the repo man! HAHA

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

I even checked my bank account to make sure that they have been getting my payments and YES they have you big dork! Maybe I won something..yeah right. Last time I answered their call, it was just background noise. Maybe I have a stalker there. Hmm.

Anonymous said...