Monday, September 14, 2009

Countdown to Holidays

Stephanie reminded me today that we are close enough to the holidays to start our Countdown, and the kids spent a good part of the weekend looking for Halloween Costumes. So I thought, instead of digging on the floor of Target on October 30th for their Trick or Treating get ups, I would actually plan ahead for a change.

Lauren wants to be a Gangsta Girl (no thanks to FaceBook's Mafia Wars I am sure). She has found this costume at Target for the not so expensive price of $38.00. I will purchase this one next week.
Darren was online and came across this costume, which I find pretty funny (I know it isn't PC) but the boy loves guitars and "little people". Okay, so the first part is true. Anyhow, he found it online for the ripe price of $72.00. I thought to myself that is a lot for a costume, so I told him we'd look around.

Then I came across a website called Mardi Gras Outlet and they had it for $42.00. I looked on a few other websites (Amazon to other Costume shops) and most had this one priced at $56+, so I went a head and ordered it for him. I can't wait to see the look on his face. He will be very excited.
I realized that I must plan ahead considering between the 2 costumes, I will be spending about $80-$90 for one night of free candy? Hmm.
I am just proud of me for planning ahead. Next will be going to Big Lots for some Fall/Halloween decorations.


Stephanie said...

You go girl..we went last week too! Landon decided to be a boxer! ;)
Yeah for the holidays coming up!!!

Anonymous said...

you are such an awesome mom!