Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Gina!

I can't say it enough. You are truly an amazing friend and person. I still swear we were separated at birth or at least by birth mother! Sometimes when we talk about things...I can't believe how much we think alike.

Our famous saying: "GET OUT OF MY HEAD" could not be more true.

So here is a toast to you Gigi. Thank you for being my friend, my travel buddy, my confidant, my wedding date, my 'Stros buddy, and most of all, thank you for just being you!

Happy Birthday Hot Mama!



Anonymous said...

You two are so beautiful....nice pictures :) Happy Birthday Gina :) Love Momma :)

Amanda said...

Awww...sweet post! I love both pics of you two!

April said...

Happy B-Day to your friend! And girl, do you ALWAYS look great in every picture?? It's not fair! LOL