Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 9 - A photo of the last item your purchased.

~Memory Foam Mattress Bliss!~
I am sleeping like an angel on a marshmellow cloud.
It is reversible too. One side Egg Crate effect is like a mini massage the other side Firm Comfy Bliss. OMG the best money I have spent in quite some time.
I have also bought a mini Vacation Package to Las Vegas. I am going in less than 2 1/2 weeks. My dear, awesome, sweet friend Sara is going with me and we are meeting my little sister Crystal there. Awesome!!
I have also booked my flight to PHILLY! Carla and I are looking to do a Memorial Day long weekend road trip. Look out Philly, New York, Rhode Island and Boston! We plan to leave our own landmarks. So excited!! 6 days with Pea aka Carla. It will be one major laugh fest indeed.
Also looking for tickets to go to Vail, CO second weekend in June with my sweet friend Oanh. We have a beautiful mountain top home to call ours for a long weekend.
The following weekend is off to my hometown to go to my baby sister's baby shower! FUN FUN FUN! I can't wait to see my sister preggers! She is a doll. Pictures to come soon.


Rachel said...

Man!!! You are traveling a ton!!!! Sounds like a blast!!! And I have never slept on a memory foam matress... and I am scared that I'd never go back!

TresaM said...

I bet it is alot better then the Memory foam matress I bought.. I hate mine...

Anonymous said...

hey - hit me up if you come to Boston! Margaritas are on me!

Stephanie said...

Holy cow..look at you miss World Traveler! lol
Sounds like so much fun!! Cant wait to hear all about them!!

raeanne said...

You are going to be a traveling machine! I can't wait until June for your trip!!!

raeanne said...

OMG....I just noticed that Aiden is one of the labels!! Awe!!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

Yes ladies, I am the SisterHood of Traveling Lalo Pants! I can't wait.

Yes Aiden is a TAG!! Yay

Girly, I will hit you up for sure. Whoo hoo!

T-My mattress is awesome, still loving it.