Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 1 - A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

Welcome to Day 1 of the 30 day Meme challenge.

Yep, there you go: A photo of Lalo! =)
My Day:
That is a tough one. It started out pretty good. The kids woke up without a hitch. The girl didn't miss her bus (as she has done all week) and the boy has his ride back in order (the girl he rides to school with had a broken foot and has missed a couple days of school). It is such a pain in the rear to take them to school. It is not that I mind but traffic is pure torture. Well that and I am riding "dirty". No, I don't drive without car insurance but I do have an expired Inspection sticker. Ugh, I really need a personal assistant to handle these types of things. One day I will get that taken care of. Date of sticker: 10-2010. LOL
I got to work, had a meeting. Possibly learned something so that was cool. Free breakfast 'celebratory' tacos. Ugh, so of course I ate one. Potato, Egg and Cheese. Not my usual egg whites. Oh well. I was a little discouraged about some directions received re: my new area to work on. Apparently the team I will be working on is HOW DO YOU SAY... sweet on the girl who use to handle that area. So basically I was told that she will handle working with the team and I am the lease biotch. ha ha. One more thing I have to prove to the higher ups. I am capable of talking to our division offices.
Then we had a department meeting with none other than cupcakes. Yay for Lalo on passing on those sweet treats. I was still digesting that taco from the morning. Also congratulations are in order for SD, who won our quarterly meeting co-worker challenge. I had no idea she knew so many random facts about the people on our floor. LOL Someone has been having secret happy hours with the 1st quarter employees?!? Hmm. JK Steph.
After work I met up with Sara & Carol. I haven't seen Carol since early January so it was good to see her and catch up. We met at "The Tasting Room" their new location in Town & Country aka City Centre. It was very nice and open. We had dinner at Cyclone Anayas and spotted Rod Ryan (from 94.9 the Buzz-my favorite morning show). I was a respectable fan and I let him enjoy his evening off duty. I was too busy laughing with the girls about some of my recent ski trip adventures. I am sure more of those stories are to come. Some good stories indeed.
I came home to 2 happy kids who ate left over pizza for dinner from the night before. Like a good Mom I planned ahead knowing I would be home a little later than usual. After getting all my hugs and kisses I sat to start this post.
I am struggling a bit to be a creative writer, not that I can confirm if I ever was one, but here it is.
If I had to rate my day on a scale of 1-10 I would have to give it a 7.
It wasn't a bad day but I have had better.
I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Maybe the next man of my dreams. LOL
Good night bloggers and fans!
Oh, I can't forget to mention that a sweet blogging buddy of mine Steph is going to make me something special for my little nephew. I am so excited to see her work. Thanks again Stephanie.


April said...

I Swear, after you said "cupcakes" I don't know if comprehended anything else! LOL I'm impressed you turned them down cuz I sure wouldn't have! ;-)

Rachel said...

maybe I was supposed to blog at the END of my day.... hmmm didn't think about that! haha

Sorry about your meeting and I think Steph should treat us all to Starbucks :) haha

Glad to hear The Tasting Room is open in City Centre now!!! WOOHOO

Stephanie said...

Woo hoo!! Looking forward to making them :)

raeanne said...

Awe, glad you had a good day! Love you!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

April, if they were serving French Fries, I'd be on it. lol

Yes, where is my Latte?!?

Thank you SR-thanks again.

Rae-Everyday is about a 7. I am waiting on my 9 or 10! :D