Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where to Start Today Post!

Just because Roses
(and a wonderful lunch!!)
I love the little details you put into my flowers!
You ROCK Romance!
Snug Living @ the Office
One of my favorite sights, CHECK IT OUT: SNUGGIE


I was saved by the skin of my teeth (My Mom use to say that). I had a speeding ticket from WAY back in 2007 that has been in the court system the past 3 years. I had been to court 3 times for this ticket and got frustrated with sitting there all day (using up my vacation and personal time off from work) to be told, Mrs. Lobo (that is how old this is..ha ha) we need to reschedule. We have the afternoon dockets to call up and we can't get to you today. My attorney kept advising me to reschedule and fight it another day. I couldn't take it anymore. So I asked what else I could do to take care of this matter and put it behind me already. The judge informed me I could do a Defensive Driving course and have that turned in within 6 weeks and pay the small fee that goes along with it and it will be done.

SO..did I do that. NO! Why? Because I procrastinate (EVERYTHING).

So Saturday (2.20) I get pulled over and guess what! I have a Warrant for my arrest. Long story short: I am handcuffed and put into the back of the cruiser. I am thinking, "Well Laura, this will teach you to procrastinate". To my surprise {{SHOCK}} the officer tells me that he can call it in if I can pay it with my credit card and let me go. Thank goodness I had the $370.00 to pay it. So I did that and I was on my merry way. Only thing hurting was my ego and wrists!

This is my son doing his thing. This kid never stops making me laugh. I need a video of the things he does. He is great!

Winter Olympics are my FAVORITE!!

Apollo Ono is also my favorite!
He won his 7th Medal and has a couple more events to go.

The man is Hell on Blades!
My little sister and I were talking yesterday and she said she wanted to go to Utah to 'stalk' him. We use that term very loosely...cause we are not actual stalkers. I mean HELLO I have limited vacation time and 2 kids to take care of. Anyhow, when she said that it reminded me of a quote from one of my favorite movies. See below!
"Hey Jimmy, I totally want to cut off your skin and wear it to my birthday...It's coming up!"
Bwah ha ha ha!


ROMANCE said...

The lunch portion was huge. I'm Italian, and I can't even eat all that, with your help. Mangiare-Mangiare

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

Romance..you are Mexican (so my Mom thinks..ha ha j/k)

Stephanie said...

cop cars..not so awesome!!
Glad the cop let you do that...jail would have sucked (so I've heard! lol)

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

Yeah it would HAVE! I am so shocked I didn't freak out and start crying. Luckily my little ones were with their aunt & uncle. Geesh.

raeanne said...

OMG?!? You left that part out when we talked the other night! Oh and I LOVE how I got a mention on the blog...AWESOME!