Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: The Happenings in My Life

The Lovely Moody Gardens: Our Vacation Destination.
Water Park Next Door
We have never been there. I think Darren went with a friend years ago. We normally go to SplashTown USA. I am excited for a new water park (Parts of the park are indoors too)
I have been a bit stressed out lately due to many factors and have not had the best week.
Teenagers (& Tweens) OH MY!
YEP..Need to BUY a new one. Craigslist = You get what you pay for. I went cheap and I got cheap so now I have to just fork out the money and buy something that will work!
Lauren & Kaitlyn
"Monkey Dance Off"
They are so cute!
Back to HC Breakfast & Lunches. Need to tighten my "health" budget as always.
International Margarita Day 2.22.10
When your boyfriend is an awesome bartender you MUST induldge!
Thank you Romance!
He better watch himself!
The girl is still scared.
The Crew
Steve's Birthday Party
GG, Butter, Lalo-Cha, Lollipop & Campy

The dudes: Tito, Khanh, Kevin, Humpy, AK, T-Dizzle (part of Speed Racer)

(Don't know the 2 guys far left (sorry)