Thursday, February 4, 2010


pThe Great Flood of 2010 p There is nothing more fun than walking out of your bedroom and feeling a wet spot on your carpet. Initially it was thought that perhaps Roxy, our puppy had an accident. I go into the kitchen and come to discover that we had a problem. My feet are under water up to my ankles and I can not figure out what the heck is going on OR where this water is coming from?!?
I was unable to find a source in the kitchen so I turned on the lights in the hall way (where I first stepped in a wet spot) and I noticed the carpet is also under water near my daughter's bedroom door. I open her door and could not believe what I was seeing. Her whole room was under water. I open her bathroom door and water is pouring out of the water line behind the toilet. What a mess!!
Lauren slept through all of this. It was still early in the morning so I turned off the valve behind the toilet, looked at Lauren and then sloshed my way out of her room and wandered back to bed. I am not sure if I was more in shock or if I just couldn't bear to think about what the clean up was going to be like. So that morning I took the kids to school and started making a bunch of calls to see who could come suck up all this water.
Next thing I knew..I had all this equipment in front of my house and total chaos was upon me.

I had literally talked to the kids the night before about buying Lauren a new bedroom set. Her current bed etc has been handed down from her brother and it is almost 11 years old. This bed has also been through at least 6 'moves' and another family who I had given it to and it was given back to me...don't ask. My thinking when I saw the flood waters in her room was..WOW, be careful what you wish for. I did have plans to shop for a new bed for her in the next couple weeks. I guess there is more of an urgency to get her something this weekend.
Yep, the kitchen had water damage too. I have never seen so many fans nor have I been in such a loud environment.

Needless to say, we certainly could not have made dinner at home. With 10 Fans Howling, a Dehumidifier Humming and giant trash cans collecting water, so my sweet Romance took us out for dinner and dessert!

~Who said Chocolate Cake doesn't solve problems~

So for the next 48 hours we will be living in a Wind Tunnel.

PS: Did I mention that my DRYER went out a couple days before the flood of 2010!
I found a new (to me) Dryer on Craigslist that is being delivered tonight, so thank goodness. Having a flood and no dryer = Wet and Stinky Mess!


Stephanie said...

Oh honey..that sucks.
I cant imagine what that felt like!
Good thing you had some chocolate cake to make it better!!!
Hope everything dries up FAST!!!

Anonymous said...

My poor girl...what a way to wake up...and my Little Angel slept through it all. So is everything all dried and better now!!!! Did the insurance pay for all the damage? Looks like it was pretty crazy...hugs to you my sweet girl. Love Momma

ROMANCE said...

'Till the day you were born, till you ride in the hearse. Things can never be that bad, that they couldn't be worse'. (Sammy Ha-Ha) a.k.a -SLIP-