Thursday, August 28, 2008

THURSDAY THIRTEEN: Happy Birthday Nellie!

She has me addicted to this website, so I had to do it! I think BLUE SHORT hair works for her!


Thirteen Reasons I love Nellie!
  1. She is so damn funny and witty. The reason I have given her the nickname Capt'n Witty. Half the reason I blog is too laugh at her comments!
  2. She is beautiful inside and out and I am so glad we have become such good friends!
  3. She is my "1st Family"...such a long story how this came about. Well, just look at the picture above. She claims I look better taking pictures with her husband because of my natural glow. I think she is crazy but it cracks me up.
  4. She is a new Mommy to the most PERFECT boy. Even though he arrived early..he is still F'in Brilliant. It runs in her blood.
  5. We can just sit around at her house and eat Chinese food, drink some wine and just talk and talk and talk and then laugh laugh and laugh. I miss our Thursday nights, we must get those going again.
  6. She is very quick to put out fires...comes in handy when you are ON FIRE! *wink*
  7. She is my 'unofficial' life coach..what am I talking about..she is OFFICIAL. She always has the best advice and I know she keeps my best interest in mind when it comes to kids...and last minute trips to Padre Island!
  8. She use to let me get her coffee and rub her feet and take excellent care of her when I was HER "ASSISTANT" {kidding, LMAO}
  9. She is simply stunning pregnant. Even hours after delivery. I am so proud of her for becoming the best Mommy (next to me) and having a totsite of her own...that I can not believe she actually still updates. Good job girl!
  10. She adores my children and she listens to all my random stories about our daily doings, sometimes I hear her talking to others about "the boy" and "the girl", she is so proud of them and me. That means a lot to me. Those lil ones are my world.
  11. She is probably the funniest friend{co-worker} you could ever have. We have had so many good times. I've had to coach her on some office etiquette but I think she is good now. WOW~I miss working with you lady!
  12. She has a kick ass sense of style and a love for shoes that has been passed down to me. Thanks girl, I am going broke now. SO glad your feet didn't expand with pregnancy.
  13. OVERALL, she is AWESOME and seriously one of my best friends and I have mad love for her and her family.

I look forward to watching Lil B grow up and making more fun memories together!


Stephanie said...

What a great post!
Friends are the best!
I'm sure she is very honored by this post!
Happy Birthday Nellie!!

Nellie said...

Good Lord...I'm all teared up now, you've washed away the witty! To say the least, my bday isn't the same without my office decorated by MY assistant. But I'm sure you know that you are irreplaceable. Can't wait to see you later, don't you love that it is on a Thursday?! love & thanks to my Lacha!

Stephanie said...

Wow! You made her cry! You ROCK! :) Happy Birthday to her! See you guys tonight ;)

Motherhood for Dummies said...

happy birthday nellie!!!!

Jennifer said...

what a nice post!

happy birthday nellie!

April said...

What a sweet friend!!