Monday, August 25, 2008

Last Weekend Before School: Galveston, TX

The kids and I spent the weekend in Galveston. Basking and playing on the beach. The weather was great for us and we had a good time.
I normally go to East Beach, but we decided to try out Stewart Beach. There were a lot of people but it wasn't too crowded.
The kids got a hold of the camera. :-) I was just enjoying the peace and quiet.

Lauren is enjoying snack time. They just love the water! She would've stayed out here all day and night if I would let her. I look forward to taking them somewhere with crystal clear water and white or pink sandy beaches. Since this is so close to home, it'll do!

Darren aka The Peanut...just enjoying the warm and beautiful day!

They love to make those silly faces. They crack me up!
Playing together in the water.
They discovered the mud. Oh lord. They had so much fun getting dirty..nice thing about it is I just sent them off into the water to rinse...this mess wouldn't have been so pretty at home.
We buried Lauren. She would laugh and laugh every time the sand hit her neck. She is ticklish just like her Mommy!
{ He loves her so much!}
Good is Back to School today!


Brittany said...

Thanks for stopping by! GREAT photos! :)

Happy Back to School! :)

Stephanie said...

Gotta love Galveston - even if it is Galveston. I was there a couple weekends ago and didn't want to come home...

I will see you Thursday at Danielle's HH!

Stephanie said...

How fun!! Glad you 3 got a little sun time in before school started!! Sounds like a great time!

Amanda said...

I bet it was hard to go to Galveston after Jamaica! Haha!
But it looks like y'all had fun anyway and I know it was a nice time outside before the first week of school!
They are so cute and getting so big!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

looks like someone had some seriouse fun!!!

Jennifer said...

i love going to galveston. my most favorite place is going to the strand and eating at la king's. its an old fashioned ice cream shop.. talk about yummy. and the taffy, so goooood!

around the holiday season they used to have dickens on the strand. do they still have it? if they do and you havent been you must. its like you have gone back in time and walked right into the dickens x-mas carol. so fun..your kids will love it:P

Stacy said...

I sooooo have beach envy!

April said...

Oh, what fun! I love the beach!! I love how you are utilizing the flotation device as a pillow! LOL