Monday, August 18, 2008

Jamaica in Pictures! (Part one of many)

On our way to Jamaica! Saying goodbye to the Texas Coast. Please note this is the first trip I've been on where I may actually have to use the "floatation device" and I was a bit nervous! What a view though. We were so excited to be going to beautiful Jamaica!
Filling out our forms, I couldn't help but laugh that they had an option to state that you were staying in a "DIVE/eco lodge". I've used the term dive before...but I've never had to stay in one.
Cedric the Traveling Gnome was thrilled to be in the air again. He loves to travel with Gina & I.
I am just amazed at how beautiful it is here and I hadn't even gotten off the plane yet!
The Palm Trees...ahh, gotta love it!
We stayed in Montego Bay our first couple nights at the Breezes Resort! I just love all inclusive.

Gina & I happy to be off that plane!

Our top flight security guard "Richardo" was very accommodating. We were welcomed with Champagne and fruit! What a warm welcome!

Of course after we got our wristbands we headed to the bar..Hooray for Red Stripe!

We then enjoyed our first Jamaican dinner. Jerk Chicken, Festival and fruits.

Then there is Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. This place was wild!

We took a bottom glass boat tour and it was very cool!
I love that you have the hills in the background.
More views from the boat! See all those fish below. They attacked that bread like there was no tomorrow! Our tour guide actually got under the boat with some bread in his mouth. I was thinking better him than I. I took a picture but the reflection of the glass makes it hard to see.
The next day we spent some time on the beach! So relaxing.
I really enjoyed my time in Montego Bay. We also did some snorkeling and such..Gina's friend has those pictures. Next time I go someplace like this, I am taking a waterproof camera.
I will have more pictures to come throughout the please stayed tuned!


Stephanie said... beautiful! Sounds like you had a vlast..cant wait to see more pics!!
(yes, I ams really going to got the tickets a few months back presale..pretty penny is right!!)

April said...

Oh, fun! I would love to go to Jamaica!! it looks like you had a fabulous time!!

Amanda said...

I am so glad you are back and that you posted pics.
They are beautiful. I want to go to Jamaica!