Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Fun In The Sun "SPLASHTOWN"

My wonderful friend Heather.

Lauren's First Task!! She loves this slide!
Darren will pass on this one
She is so shy
Such a little ham "The Shark"
Being a silly lil guy!

We had so much fun @ Splashtown. So glad my friend Heather invites us to all of her company outings. They closed the park down for Schlumberger so we took advantage of the shorter lines and less people everywhere. I am so lucky to have so many wonderful friends who include the kids and I will these fun adventures. Last Friday we met up with Heather and Jason for a nice dinner and went Ice Skating. My ankle is still paying for that one. I was going to post this as a Wordless Wednesday but I had too many words for that. LOL Happy Wednesday. I can't wait for our Long weekend! Maybe the weather will hold out for us (it is looking good so far) and we can do some beach stuff or something.


Stephanie said...

How fun! I'm so glad it's summer now. Love the water! The Girl's swimsuit is super cute!

Stephanie said...
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Amanda said...

Super Fun!

You were like 15mins from my house! :) I love the pics...they are adorable.

Jennifer said...

oh how i miss splash town. i haven't been there in years. its gonna be a great trip.