Monday, May 5, 2008


I've been tagged by Kendra do this Meme! The tag is to post six uninteresting things about myself and in turn tag six others to do the same. So here it is.......

1. I can eat breakfast anytime of the day. Really, I love everything about a hot breakfast, especially sausage patties.

2. I do not watch much TV but for some reason I recently picked up the hobby of watching TV on DVD, I am constantly thinking in my head what TV series I will start to buy next.

3. I am usually much more organized at the office then I am at home. I don't know why that is. I can find an item that I use once a Quarter in a flash, but I am looking for the car keys EVERY single morning. *I have gotten better at this since I try my best to put these keys in the decorative bowl on the coffee table.

4. I would much rather be happy and healthy than rich. I have met with a few financial advisors that leave very frustrated with me because I do NOT have dreams or plans to buy a personal jet or a yacht. Of course I participate in my 401K and such but I guess I am a simple gal.

5. My
car is admired most by young men *age range 18-28

6. I have a very short attention span, I am not proud of this but sometimes if someone is talking and talking I tend to wander off into my own thoughts.

I am tagging:

Colleen @ Mommy Always Wins
Motherhood for Dummies
Amanda @ It's a Wonderful Worley Life
Stephanie @ Little Bits of Sugar *I know that makes 2 times tagged!

Anyone else who would like to list some uninteresting things about yourself, please do so and let me know you did!


Kendra said...

1st I love that car! I can see why guys like it. lol

I too have a short attention span.

Great post. Hope your Monday is good.

Stephanie said...

She tagged for this as well too. I will have to think on it a bit. Hopefully I get around to it soon. You are silly - I have a short attention span too - but we all know that :)

Colleen said...

Well, thanks for the tag! I'll write something up this week!