Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fun with Technology

So I finally did it, I broke down and bought the XBOX 360 and Rock Band. The kids played this game with their father all the time and they really enjoy it. I played with my family back home in CO when I was there for Christmas break and it is a fun game. The kids have done awesome in school and are just great kids so I thought to myself why not. I got a refund check from my oh so fun Oral Surgery and that was unexpected money so we bought it. The look on the kids face was priceless. They were so excited and so was I to be honest.
So we set it all up, created our band and our characters and we played most of the evening on Saturday. They have some skills! I am still on the EASY level but getting better!

Last night after Lauren's choir performance she came across these props and they had to take a picture in them. They are so silly.
It was Cinco de Mayo afterall.


Stephanie said...

Nice! Rock Band is a lot of fun. I'm on Medium and that's about as good as I can get. The Boy and The Girl look cute in the hats!

Anonymous said...

I love the Cinco De Mayo pic....they look so cute....and your "little monkey" is a dolly :) What a precious story about your sign and tea.....thanks for sharing...I almost cried :) Love to you, Peanut and Angel and lots of Grandma kisses and hugs too!!! Love ya, Momma

Stephanie said...

Psssst....I tagged you for a Meme!

Becoming Me said...

Sounds very fun. I enjoyed visiting your sweet blog today

Colleen said...

What fun!

I'm posting my meme thing tomorrow. :O)

Amanda said...

Hey LC!
I LOVE rock band...it is so so much fun. :) Y'all will have a blast!
We miss ya! Esp @ our FC meeting today LOL.