Thursday, July 10, 2008


  1. I am missing My Kids
  2. I have been late to work the past 2 days
  3. I had three dates this week (Mike-Ruggles, Mark-Sherlocks & Jeff-lunch date) (Johnny was sick so I didn't go out with him as planned for Monday night)
  4. Stayed out way too late last night, now I am tired!!
  5. I hope to be in bed by 9:30 tonight-we shall see.
  6. I have another date Saturday (Comedy Club w/Mark)
  7. I need an agent or an assistant~something~
  8. I miss my Nellie
  9. Looking forward to Drinks/Dinner for my Birthday next week!
  10. I took my 2nd Salsa Class yesterday and it was so much FUN
  11. I am the Instructor's Pet! ~GRINS~
  12. My trainer Roy kicked my butt on Tuesday~I deserved it because I didn't do my homework-cardio-.
  13. This Saturday I have a Personal Training Session with Roy @ 11:00 then he wants me to take his BOOT CAMP class @ noon. EEEKKKK! lol


Stephanie said...

Boot Camp? Ugh...kill me now. My sister does it and all I have to say is: No. Way.

I want to see a video of you salsa dancing. Who's with me? :)

Nellie said...

Just wait till she dances on the bar for us next month! Lalo-does your life coach need to take on wake up call duties??

April said...

Aaahhhh...I'm having flashbacks of my whirlwind dating (literally it felt like a whirlwind...WHOOSH...onto another date!) about four years ago. IT got crazy (and hard to keep track of!) but at the same time it was kind of fun! LOL Good luck!

Kendra said...

Wow, i'm tired from reading all of this! hope you got in bed by 9:30.

oh and i hope you enjoyed those dates!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow...looks like your taking advantage of being single and careful now and get some rest....Wow :) Love Momma