Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Events Since My Last Birthday

  1. I celebrated my 30th Birthday! I was excited to be 30. My 20's were good to me but there was also a lot of times in my mid twenties that were really hard. It is funny how time just seems to pass you by. I was feeling good about things because I was finally over coming a heart break. I wasn't in a relationship for the sake of being in one and my kids and I had gotten really close and enjoyed doing many things together.
  2. My friend Gina and I took our trip to Las Vegas, now in the past I have done many weekend get aways, but this trip was just different. We got a really nice room, spent 3 days and 4 nights sight seeing, eating, shopping and laughing together. This was our first trip together (just the two of us). I have found the perfect travel companion, or as we call each other P.I.C. (Partners In Crime). We seem to have the same moods and we are very go with the flow and also very agreeable on what to do with our time. When I am ready to relax by the pool, so is she. When I am ready to go have some drinks, she is too. We have become very close friends and I am blessed to have her in my life.
  3. Darren & Lauren went to stay with their father in Washington-end of summer 2007 for the first school semester. Their father is in the Army and he had been stationed overseas 3 1/2 out of the past 4 years(Korea-2 years & Kuwait 1.5 years). That put Lauren at the age of just turning 5 years old when he left and Darren just at 8 years old. Their dad has not been a complete dead beat, I know others have it much worse than I do and it broke my heart that Lauren was no longer a "Daddy's Girl". So he asked if he could spend a YEAR with them and I agreed to half a school year. BLEH!! Something most of my friends and family couldn't understand. I questioned myself time and again if I was doing the right thing for them. I want them to know their father...I didn't want our divorce to mean that they would grow up wondering where he is or how he is doing. It was very hard to let them go, especially because Lauren would call me 4-5 times a day and tell me how much she missed me and she wasn't sure she wanted to stay with him. Anyhow, they returned early January and I can tell it made a world of difference in rebuilding their relationship with him and for the positive.
  4. Well the boy and the girl were gone I simply spent a lot of time with my girlfriends. I tend to stay busy to try to block out what I am missing. I know this isn't good for me because eventually everything catches up to you. Anyhow, I started having special days with my friend Yolanda every Wednesday. On Wednesday her boys go with their father so we'd spend some good quality girl time together. People at my office caught on to these Wednesday events quickly. We had what we called *NEW SHIRT* Wednesdays, *Boudreaux's Wednesday* and once Stephanie talked me into Blogging I of course had *Wordless Wednesday*. I'd be walking down the hallway and a co-worker/friend of mine would be like, "Ohh, I love the new shirt Wednesday". LOL It was just something silly we did to make the week go by I guess.
  5. Thursday evenings I would pack an overnight bag and go stay the evening with my friend Nellie and her husband. We would cook kabobs on the barbie, drink some wine and talk and talk and talk. We had so much fun. They really were my little family while the kids were gone. I think we drove her husband nuts because we usually sat around and "SHOP TALKED". Poor guy had to hear us go on and on about all the funny/irritating things that go on in an office full of women. One of these visits is when WE caught myself on FIRE! There was a blog about that too.
  6. I moved from my apartment into my friend Yolanda's laundry room! No worries, it really isn't as bad as it sounds. LOL It was more of a patio room/utility room that we just converted into Lalo's space. It was cozy enough and close to downtown where I had worked at the time. Not to mention I saved a ton of moula on rent! This is how I managed to pay off 80% of my personal debt. Yay me!
  7. In September over Labor Day weekend I went to Arizona to visit my sister for the first time since she has lived there. We had a blast. She had just bought a little house of her own with her girlfriend and they had a pool in the backyard so we were fish for the four day weekend. My tan had never looked better. I think this trip reconnected us as sisters and our relationship has just gotten better ever since my visit. My Mom was so excited about the fact that WE were so thrilled to be with each other. You see, it isn't that we weren't close growing is just my sister left home after high school and attended college. A short few years later...I graduated and got married..shortly after that...had my son. Being a newly married gal and moving away from my home town we sort of just drifted a part. My trip to Arizona was a very memorable and fun experience.
  8. In October I stayed so very busy with friends and birthday parties and showers and everything of the sort. I went to my very first adult Halloween party and it was so much fun. There were about 40 people that went and everyone dressed up. It makes me wonder why we stop doing such fun things as adults. It was during this month I think I had 5 birthday parties to attend and 1 to throw in one single about being was then that my crazy friend Nellie told me that I am going to kill myself trying to keep up with it all. One of the funniest things she has ever said to me was that my "FRIEND CUP WAS FULL" and "I COULD NO LONGER ACCEPT APPLICATIONS". I just feel blessed, but it was a very tiring time.
  9. Then it was Holiday season. This was a very hard time for me with the kids being gone and all. I was very fortunate to have several invites for Thanksgiving and I decided to join my friend Crystal for the feast with her family in Brenham. It was so great to be with her family. I felt right at home. For Christmas I went home and was very excited because all three of us girls were going to be home. This is a rare occasion with me being a military wife for so long and my oldest sister moving around for her job. My Mom very excited. The last time all three of us were together for Christmas it was like a dream. Why you ask.....well basically I was able to go home (last minute and only for 2 days) and it was a very rushed trip. It was going to be my first Christmas as a divorced woman and my boyfriend at the time bought the kids and I tickets to fly home for the 2 days. Well, with my sisters job, she wasn't able to get to CO until Christmas Day, I returned home EARLY the day after Christmas. My point is, my Mom had us three girls home all together for about 15 hours(2 Years ago)....I did sleep for about 5 of those hours. Before that it had been well over 8 years since we were all together. It was have been the perfect holiday except my ex was suppose to send the kids home from their stay with him during this time and decided since I wasn't agreeing to let him keep them for the whole school year that he should keep them for Christmas. This was one of the very FEW times I felt extremely ANGRY with him.
  10. After the Holidays the boy and the girl returned back home and things were pretty much back to normal. It was an experience for all of us that is for sure. My son had failing grades upon his return, my daughter had actually put on some weight (which was a good thing) and after a couple months I had things back to normal.
  11. The kids did very well in school and will be advancing to their next prospective grade levels. My son had to work his tail off to pass and he was so very proud of himself. I think that is what felt the best, was the fact that he realized that he was capable of better work and getting good grades. That it felt much better to do good in school then to not care and do poorly. Lauren got straight A's again and like a dozen awards. I am very proud of both of them!
  12. Summer came again and off the kids went to WA. I am really hoping their father gets stationed in Texas sometime soon. Having them half way across the nation is killing me. I don't know how I do it. I am a big believer that they do need him and I am happy that he isn't a deadbeat dad. I do think that the best thing a Mother can do for her children is to share them with their father....just not during the school year. LOL
  13. Now it is birthday time again tomorrow and I just love birthdays. I can't wait to see what 31 will bring! Tomorrow night I am going out with my girlfriends for some dinner and drinks. Afterwards we may just dance my 30th away. Wow, time sure does fly. To be honest I should have made this a Thursday Thirty but I just don't have the time. Anything else that has happened to me you will find in this blog.

Thank you to all my friends and family who read and comment on my zany & crazy adventures. I truly enjoy reading them.


Stephanie said... feels so good to get to "know" you! I've learned so much!! Thanks for opening up your life and sharing with us! Kudos to you for making the decisions you have with your know what best for them!! Way to be a great person, friend and mother!!
and last but not least...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (tomorrow!)
I hope you have a GREAT day and time out with you friends!!

Nellie said...

Well allow me to give you a Thursday 30:
1-wrecked cars
2- warrants!!
3- parking tickets
4- peering /prying eyes
5- cubical etiquette
6- lame bonus’
7- the laundry room
8-lost cell phones
9-lost camera cords
10-lost wallets
11-the plastic/makeup bag
12-goodbye to that boy that had a prob with Padre!
13-…if he only knew what happen in Padre!
14-goodbye to your last name!
15-goodbye to long hair-you obviously have taken this to a whole nother level
16-naughty cell phone pics-you’re lucky it’s not on the web!
17-learned the importance of “stop, drop & roll!”
18-the cell phone pouch-this is your year to rock it!
19-Pizza…without feeling guilty
20-a love pendant
21-a passport…and a couple of new licenses!
22-an alarm clock?! Obviously not.
23-Sharing the kiddos(even though it meant no girl scouts, and therefore no cookies for preggo me!)
24-apparently a haircut every 2 wks
25-learned how to "wink". That was a good 30 bday gift huh?
26-success at a new job
27-1st time hostess of a baby shower
28-a new friend—the traveling gnome
29-a blog (that if the girl ever reads it, you will get a lecture…I prob will too)
30-a wedding, a birth, and new beginnings all around for Lalo-cha. (I’ve decided to hyphenate your nickname now)


Stephanie said...

Longest post ever? :)

And longest comment ever to DW.

Wow! You guys are insane.

Anyway, I wanted to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow!! I am very sorry I won't be able to celebrate with you but I promise we will celebrate before this month is over (hopefully!). Haha!

Love ya girly!

lovelylalo said...

OMG, Nellie, your comments just crack me up.

This is why I call her Cappy! aka Captain Witty! Capt. Obvious so on and so forth.

My job isn't the same without you ladies. *HUGS*

Amanda said...

Wow! So many good posts while I was gone! I'm sorry I missed your birthday but it sounds like it was a great one! Happy belated birthday, girlie. I hope your year is wonderful!