Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Birthday Weekend! A Crazy 3 Day Event..(Backwards)

y sweet friend Misty Beep Beep (below) picked me up from work Friday afternoon. Took me shopping and off to get ready at her Aunt's house. Here is my birthday backwards.
July 18th
(Actual Birthday)
Out with Misty!
Saturday the 17th @ Misty's with the Crew for some Cake, Drinks, Snacks & Gifts!
Doesn't this look dangerous. Maybe after 9 you should no longer put ALL the candles on the cake! lol We used 2 boxes of candles...NICE!
We then went to watch Oanh's husband (Kevin) play.
Below is Oanh & Khanh: Two of the sweetest people I have had the honor of knowing.
Khanh always parties it up for my birthday and got the new nickname of King Khanh!
T-Dizzle showing his sultry side @ Lalo birthday party number 2!

Below is Friday's extended Happy Hour Birthday celebration @ Ra Sushi (July 16)
Love this place.
So happy my sweet friend Ann came!
Thanks for the cute card and Champagne! Pretty gift bag too! LOVE HER.
See SAKE in hand..ha ha.

The ladies @ Yard House (and Glen)
Carol, Ann, Me, Sara, Misty, Valarie, Autumn & Cynthia!

The card Ann bought me was yummy! lol

Me, Ann & Glen. Current Ski Gal, Future Running buddies!

Valerie & Daniel
My Sugarland Peeps!

AK & Steve celebrating with Lalo!

Before we got heat stroke and had too much SAKE!
Carol, Me, Sara & Misty

Enjoying our night @ Yard House
OMG it was so HOT!
Hope you enjoyed..I know I did!
I feel so loved by my CREW!!
I did a good job saying goodbye to 32.
Sure missed my FIRST FAMILY! We always have next year!


Amanda said...

Glad you had a great bday!! Glad you are blogging again so I can keep up with you. Also- I recently won that brownie pan thingy at bunko! LOL I'm excited to use it =)

Anonymous said...

You might want to think diet!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

Ha ha @ Anonymous..some people have no life. I guess they wish they were a part of mine. Thank you! I will consider your advice.