Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More of Roxy Girl..

Roxy Love
We just love her so much and we are really enjoying having her with us.
When the kids got home they found Roxy happy as can be and they said that she didn't tear up the house. She loves to cuddle and she mostly just lays in her bed and on all the comfy blankets. She is a lazy one and such a good little girl. She still isn't a barker which is great. We heard her bark once and it was kind of cute. Last night I was on the computer in my room and she was laying by my feet play bitting at my socks. I would reach down to pet her and she would just roll over and beg for more lovin.

I later heard her gently scratching on the door so I took her out and she went potty. WOW! I think we still have a little bit of work to do with her as far as dog/house training but for her being a puppy in a new home, she has been wonderful.


SoldByMike said...

you mean broccoli