Friday, August 7, 2009

TGIF! Movie and Tires....Noting unusual about that.

This morning was no different than any other morning. I woke...felt good, was on my way to work and I get into the car and pull out of the drive way only to notice that my little Cobalt is a bit wobbly. So I pull back into the drive way and what do I see. I see ONE very FLAT tire. Awe, crap. Go figure. I was so excited that I was going to be at work on time, nope. Think again. Luckily I have experience (more than any normal person) at changing tires. The guys at Discount Tire seriously know me by car as I walk in for service. I guess because my car requires high performance tires (the darn thing came with Pirelli's) they don't have much of a lifespan and I do my fair share of driving all over Houston. I have had this car for 4 years and I have to change these tires every 9 months or so. It is getting old. Anyhow, I changed that tire, dusted myself off, washed the dirt and grime off my hands and headed to work with a smile on my face. It feels good to be independent.
I am also looking forward to seeing my man "GERARD" this evening. Going to the movies with Gigi. Always fun. The kids will be with their grandparents this weekend so it will be a quiet one. I plan on catching up on my rest among other house hold duties that are screaming my name. (LAUNDRY---grrr!)

I hope everyone (Stephanie-my only reader...ha ha) enjoys their weekends. I know I will. Time to call Discount Tire. Oh, the bonus to this whole ordeal. The men at this store are very nice and very good looking. Maybe sometimes I get a flat on purpose, ha ha. Just kidding.


Stephanie said...

Aww...I got my name in a post! lol Now that you are back to blogging, we need to get more people reading! :)
I cant wait to see that movie..its looks good!
(still waiting on pics of his room!!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Baby Girl :) I love your blogs keeps me posted with my Houston family. So sorry about the flat tire...poor baby :( So how was the movie...say hello to GiGi :) We celebrated Rae's b-day at Johnny Carino's and dairy cream...nice evening...hugs and funny kisses to my grandbabes :) Love Momma

Amanda said...

You are sooo Miss Independent! Miss self sufficient! Luv it! :)