Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Blues......Weekend Recap!

~Weekend with Friends~
~ Lalo & Mai Tai~
Doing our usual thing Friday at Boudreaux's
(I think the girl in the background thought we were taking her picture too! ha ha)
~Russ & I~ ~ Russ's friend Kristin & I-he wasn't kidding when he said this girl can talk!~
~D&L @ The Incredible Pizza Company~

My weekend was pretty quiet I guess. Friday night I was out with some friends at Boudreaux's. Some much needed drinky poos to end my week.

Saturday was a long boring day. We basically sat around the house all day and watched movies. Movie after movie after movie. We ended up going to dinner at Olive Garden, which is usually a real treat. Although this time it wasn't. It was okay, but my meal had an odd taste to the sauce. I should have complained and asked for something else...but did I......NO!! I just sat there and ate it in misery. I got the check and our waiter asked if everything was okay, apparently I had a not so happy look on my face. Especially when I got the bill. This is why I need to just eat at home. For what we dined on at OG, I could have made at home for under $10.00 (easily). Live and learn I suppose and stick to what you know...lasagna, spaghetti etc. *SHRUGS*

Sunday we went to the Incredible Pizza Company. I'd like to say it was an Incredible Rip Off. Yes, the concept of it all is awesome. Thinking indoor Go-Carts, Mini-Golf, Bowling, Bumper Cars. Well, I come to find out that you cannot enter the place without purchasing their BUFFET. Problem is I/we weren't hungry but okay. So I pay $40.00 to walk in. Then we go back to the gaming center and get a couple Game Cards so the kids can have some fun. They did enjoy the mini-golf course and they got to run the track on the Go-Carts {Lauren won-she is so proud and still has that little ribbon}, they then played about 2-3 video games and they were spent. Not tired-they were out of money. Talk about fast cash. So we decided to hit the buffet. ~BLEH~
The pizza was okay, I mean, hey it is Pizza...that is kind of hard to screw up. I made the mistake of going for the pasta bar. Um..Pat..., I'll take Olive Garden for $65.00 instead. This was worse than day old Hamburger Helper. Noodles were mushy, sauce was bland..ugh. Like always I somehow forced myself through this awful meal too. (I wonder why my pants fit so tightly-I mean I even eat food I don't like). I guess overall, the kids seem to enjoy it all so it was an afternoon to remember, and an event to never do again.

Now it is Monday again and I wish it was still Sunday! Sorry such a blah post. That is just What it Is. Hope you all had a better weekend.


April said...

Bummer about the food (BOTH places!) but at least the rest of the weekend sounded great!

Stephanie said...

I'm glad you are feeling better!

Hopefully your Tuesday won't be so blue :)

Stephanie said...

IPC is a rip off! I feel the same way! Timessquare in Katy is a little better atleast! :)
Great pics though, and sounds like a fun weekend!

RaeAnne said...

Maybe your weekend would've been better if you woulda called a sister like you were supposed too!! :P
Just kidding. I know how those days go. Either way, still got much love for ya! MUAHS!