Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hurricane Ike Has Us Down: Still No Power!

(Taken from Stephanie's page: Just the Two of Us)

One of Hurricane Ike's first victim's was this historic restaurant, Brennan's of Houston. One of my most favorite restaurants in Houston. I have been here every year for my birthday, special events, Christmas lunches and a few dates! A fire took this fine dining establishment down and even a few people were injured. A friend of mine knew this was one of my she sent me a text and was like...Hey, Brennan's Burned Down..Just so you know. The mean thing...she was in the room with me..knowing I was in a bit of shock. I still don't know the extent of damage caused by this hurricane. I think those outside of Houston/Galveston area have a better idea than I do. Without power...I am unable to see all its fury. Maybe that is for the better. Things are starting to come back to life {it seems}. I am back at the office today and so much to do. As far as I know..everyone is doing best we can. My prayers go out to those who may have suffered any and all losses. Just thought I'd post a few pictures...MY week before Ike.
My birthday lunch @ Brennan's of Houston 7/18/2007 with the Ft. Worth Team! Ahh!
Banana Fosters...was good and fun to watch!
Who didn't love their Turtle Soup {I know it sounds strange..but it was MMM MMM good}.

Gigi & I went to the Astro's Game Tuesday night. We always have fun. The kids and I went to the Thursday night game...I will have pictures soon. It was a tribute to 9/11 First Responders. When they sang GOD BLESS AMERICA, you couldn't help but get CHILLS.
Just chillaxin & watchin the Ball Game!!
Lauren & her cousin Angel {Vampires}
Fun @ Hobby Lobby, silly kids!


Stephanie said...

Werent those pictures just devastating :(
Sorry to hear you guys are still without you said..thankk goodness for this cool front!
Looks like you had a good week leading up to the hurricane though! Cute pics!!
Praying your power is up soon!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh man I hope that power isn't out too much longer! that stinks!

Jennifer said...

i saw all the damage. i was able to pick up khou 11 and watch everything thanks to direct tv... to see kemah taken off the map was so sad...

i just love downtown. i hated seeing that.

hope things get better for you soon.

Colleen said...

Hope you get power back soon!

(Silly kids in that last pic - so cute!)

April said...

Oh my gosh how horrible! So glad you are okay and safe!! That sucks about your favorite restaurant. :-(